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BOHO: socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists


  We created a one of a kind jewelry line where quality and affordability go hand-in-hand with luxury and unbeatable style! We teamed up with some of the industries finest jewelry designers to raise the bar and offer exquisite designs on one platform, not available anywhere else!  All of our jewelry is made of the FINEST NOBLE METALS consisting of authentic natural gold or silver. We use natural precious and semi gemstones in 90% of our designs and our crystal stones have been carefully hand selected for our handmade designs.   We do not offer stainless steel, brass, nickle or copper based jewelry like many of our peers because it has a tendency to tarnish quickly and create allergies for some. We considered all of our consumers concerns before carefully choosing our materials.  *The only ONE stainless steel item we offer is our custom name tag necklace which is available in a stainless steel or a sterling silver base. Our stainless steel custom name tag necklace is half the price, real gold PVD plated, waterproof, tarnish resistant, nickel and allergy free. We wanted to give our consumers a more affordable option on our number one selling necklace. Our unique PVD plating creates a strong exterior and will extend the life of this necklace for a very long time

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