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Natural amethyst necklace Earring Ring set bezel 925 sterling silver jewelry set

•14K Rose Gold Plated

•925 Sterling Silver Base Metal


+1.36g (Pendant)

+2.34g (Earrings)

+2.24g (Ring)

•Finest Quality 5A Cubic Zirconia Accents

Natural Amethyst 14K Rose Gold Plated Necklace Set 925 sterling silver

  • Store jewelry in a cool dry place within the free storage dust bag included with each order. Airtight containers will also work.


    Gently massage vermeil, gold, silver and gold plated jewelry with a soft dry cloth only when needed. If you clean your gemstones with water do not immerse in liquid for more than 30 seconds and gently dry thoroughly when done. Never use jewelry cleaner or soap and avoid moisture when possible. Gold plated and vermeil jewelry is best suited for occasional wear, changing out and rotating your pieces will make them long lasting. Over time, gold plating will wear down, but with proper care, your piece should last years because the base metal is a precious noble metal. Solid gold will not wear but careful not to scratch items. We can refer you to plating services if your product fades over time. We want our styles to be passed down through your families generations.



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